A Mind to Kill by Brian Freemantle

By Brian Freemantle

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Bentley usually won. ‘If this had been a difficult one it could have buggered Saturday up,’ suggested Rodgers, putting their Scotland Yard identification on the dashboard as he parked in a consultant’s reserved space. Jennifer was in a single ward. One of the policewomen outside the room rose at their approach and said, ‘They did the stitching under local anaesthetic. And the doctor insists there’s no shock. ’ The second policewoman made room for them as Bentley and Rodgers entered the tiny ward.

He had to tell the man about the power of attorney, too. ‘I want Emily told that I love her. ’ Jennifer felt another dip of despair. She had no-one, she abruptly realized. No mother, no father: not alive any more. Gerald and Emily were her life: had been her life. No-one else. What about Rebecca? Rebecca was a friend. She’d help. Had to help. Stupid not to have thought of Rebecca before: been allowed to think of Rebecca before, she qualified. Abruptly she pulled herself upright, aware she’d had her head to one side again, listening.

The only thing to do was organize the routine, find the motive when he found the mistress and hope she had a pretty face as well as big tits for the photographers. It would still count as a success on his record, which was all that really mattered. The ambulance paramedic, leaving his partner applying the emergency dressings to Jennifer’s arm and hands, crossed towards Bentley. Gesturing down to the blood on his jacket the man said, ‘She’s badly cut. Needs suturing. ’ He rubbed at the bloodstains.

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