A Reader’s Companion to the Confucian Analects by Henry Rosemont Jr.

By Henry Rosemont Jr.

During this little booklet, Confucian pupil and thinker Henry Rosemont, Jr. has summarized 40 years of expertise learning, translating, and instructing the Analects. For crucial cross-referencing of textual passages in differing translations, Rosemont offers tables of variation spellings of chinese language phrases, a discovering checklist for college students named within the textual content, a concordance of key philosophical and spiritual phrases, and an annotated bibliography to lead the reader's extra stories and reflections at the textual content.

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A few examples of the naturalness of “realize” for zhi: Children must realize (zhi) the age of their parents. On the one hand it is a source of joy, on the other, of fear. 19) “At fifty, I realized (zhi) the propensities of tian. 4) To make real, however, to put into practice, is not enough; we must have the proper stance and feelings toward what we are making real in our conduct. 8): The Master said: “xiao lies in showing the proper countenance. As for the young contributing their energies when there is work to be done, and deferring to their elders when there is wine and food to be had—how can merely doing these things be considered xiao?

But if a more significant function of human language in another culture is as praxis-guiding discourse, then the evaluative terms needed will more nearly approximate “appropriate” and “inappropriate” than “true” and “false”—and the former (yi 㕽and bu yi ϡ㕽) are central terms in the Confucian ethical lexicon, as we noted in Chapter 5. It is worth noting in this regard that “appropriate” is also the correct term to employ in describing many English speech acts as well. ” Depending on the person we’re addressing, and when, we also make inconsistent generalizations at times which cannot simultaneously be true, but may well be appropriate to say to particular persons in specific circumstances.

For Confucius, however (as well as for most of his successors), in addition to meeting your responsibilities, you must discipline yourself to have a proper attitude toward them; you must come to want to fulfill those responsibilities in order to lead a maximally fulfilling life in concert with others. But how best to inculcate that sense, that feeling, that desire? 7: [The Master said] “Those today who are filial are considered so because they are able to provide for their parents. But even dogs and horses are given that much care.

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