A Student Grammar of Euskara by Jon D. Patrick & Ilari Zubiri Ibarrondo

By Jon D. Patrick & Ilari Zubiri Ibarrondo

This e-book is a pragmatic guide of the grammar of the basque language. it's aimed toward the 1st 3 years of a school basque language curriculum. The ebook is outfitted at the large subject different types outlined via HABE as very important for the 1st four degrees of basque language competence. The authors' event of attending sessions on the larger degrees of 5-12 were drawn directly to make certain the rest most typical language gains pupil may be uncovered to on the street, from tv programmes, newspapers and radio. Competency in all of the contents of the booklet may ascertain a pupil was once on the uppermost finish of the size of second language speaker competency. a different characteristic of the textual content is its explanatory kind. each one subject is mentioned after which a chain of sentence examples in basque are offered in addition to their english translation. In overall there are approximately 2300 instance pairs of sentences within the e-book. Importantly each one instance is used to target a specific point of the language. to help the coed specific notes are additional to English translations to provide an explanation for edition within the translation from the literal shape. The e-book additionally incorporates a set of Appendices of the auxiliary verb pardigms in a clearest layout but released. additionally it encompasses a set of Appendices of the most typical different types of compound and artificial verbs. Chapters: 1. PHONETICS - FONETIKA. 2. advent TO MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIARI SARRERA. three. DECLENSION - DEKLINABIDEA. four. MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIA. five. THE VERB - ADITZA. 6. SYNTAX - SINTAXIS. 7. NOTIONS / parts - NOZIOAK

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Of ZER is ZERTZUK and exeept in a few distriets, is hardly ever used. 35 A Student Grammar of Euskara NOR is not ZEIN In so me loeations it is eommon to use the interrogative ZEIN instead of NOR. This is so normal now that it ean hardly be eonsidered to be ineorreet. But we reeommend that you u se the form w hich maintains the diffcrcntiation . In this sense it is eonvenient to remember that ZEIN is equivalent to the i nterrogative wh ich ? in Engl ish. Hcre are some cxamples : NOR da hori? NORK egin du?

Which table has to be taken? Which doctor have you gone to? Which of the two has tom th i s ? How many women have come? How many ki lometres (away) i s iI? : How many know the truth? 1 . NUMBERS - Zenbakiak MUGAGABEA, is usual ly u sed with numbers, but when they are used with the defi nite form they carry a diHerent meani n g (see 7 ,9), For example: The indeflnite form, Plural Indefl n i te HIRU exteETAN HIRU etxeTAN : in the three houses : in three houses So be earcful with numbers, si nce cach ease expresses different th i ngs.

Here is a template with some more examples: BI all other numbers gargardo BAT leiho txiki BI BI neska gazte HIRU kafe bero noun + adjective : : : : BAT BI one beer two small windows two young girls three hot eoffees In the examples we have used so far there are no articles, but you ean use articles with nu mbers. 2. ORDINALS Ordinalak - Ordinals are the words which indicate position in a sequcnce. For example: LEHEN(ENGO)a biGARRENa hiruGARRENa : the first : the second : the third Wi th the exception of "first" (lehenengo), all of the others are obtained by adding -GARREN to a number: seiGARREN pisua lauGARREN maila zortziGARRENa : the sixth f100r : the fourth level : the eight As shown, ordinals always go berore the noun or adjective thcy reference.

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