A Study of Transmit and Receive Antenna Diversity Techniques by Q. Yan

By Q. Yan

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The DF definition is based on the simple fact that many systems are nonlinear except in limited operation regimes. , chaotic behavior). The mathematics required to understand nonlinear behavior is considerably more complicated than that needed for the linear case. There is one additional theme underlying all the developments: describing function approaches allow one to solve a wide variety of problems in nonlinear system analysis and design via the use of direct and simple extensions of linear systems analysis tools.

2 Circuit Topologies From the various switched mode topologies, two important switched mode amplifiers are discussed in this book, generating either square wave output voltage or square wave output current. Any other topology that has a satisfactory fast saturation, works fine with the dithering. 42 4 Architectures and Topologies (a) (b) y y D D x x -D -D Fig. 4 Input output characteristic of a ideal relay b limited slope limiter Class-D RF power amplifiers have been in use for a long time. The theoretical efficiency of a Class-D amplifier is 100 %, but in practice it is lower due to reactive power loss, which will be discussed in detail in Sect.

6, the feasibility of dithering of a nonlinear block depends on the zero input slope gain of the block. Therefore, any kind of switched mode PA, that has a high ‘enough’ slope gain can be dithered. If the gain is not enough the dithered gain may drop a lot due to dithering, which will decrease the power added efficiency. Therefore, it can be understood that dithering doesn’t work quite well with linear PA classes like A; AB; C or J. 3 Dithering Limitations Fig. 12 The zero crossing frequency of the sum of two sinusoids at frequencies fr and fd ; with amplitudes r and A; representing signal and dither amplitudes, versus A=r: 55 f (Zero Crossing Frequency)/2 fr fd 1 fr / fd A/ r The second issue, besides slope gain is the dithering frequency versus process technology.

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