Abrasive erosion & corrosion of hydraulic machinery by C. G. Duan, V. Ia Karelin

By C. G. Duan, V. Ia Karelin

This ebook supplies a scientific exposition of abrasive erosion and corrosion of hydraulic equipment in either thought and engineering perform, and is the 1st entire quantity to hide this sector extensive.

All the $64000 topics are mentioned together with basics, calculation, research and numerical simulation of liquid–solid circulate layout, erosion-resistant fabrics, interplay among cavitation and abrasive erosion, and corrosion of hydraulic equipment.

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E. the erosion is proportional to the velocity, which is powered higher than the 3rd power. Therefore, with an increase of the velocity the exponent of the power slightly rises. This accounts, probable, for the fact that the length of a particle free travel become shorter, and a particle collides with the specimens more frequently. 2. Let us now consider briefly the second group of factors, which are defined by properties of a material used to fabricate components. Fundamentals ofHydroabrasive Erosion Theory 33 During the abrasive erosion, individual sand particles, when producing impacts with their sharp sides upon a component surface, chip-off minute metal particle from this surface.

3 MW. The spiral case of circular shape in its cross section is fabricated from cast iron and designed to include bosses for the accommodation of the stator columns. The inner surface in the spiral case is covered with insignificant fine-scaly erosion, with the exception of the spiral lower area at the approach to the stator columns, where this erosion turns to become large-sized scaly and deepened. The bosses fabricated in the spiral for accommodation of the stator columns are subjected to significant erosion.

The face (concave) side of a blade is subjected to abrasive erosion increasing in the direction of the trailing edge. The rear side is affected by cavitation action with the maximum distracted zone being located in the regions of the trailing edge and the lower rim. The combined action of the abrasive erosion and cavitation results in failure (disappearance) of entire areas amounting to 50 mm presently, with the build-up provided at the sides of runners fabricated from a cavitationalresistant alloy and the thickness of trailing edges reaching 2 to 8 mm, the entire disappearance of certain blade area does not arise, yet the thickness of trailing edges diminishes up 2 ~ 3 mm.

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