Advanced Optics Using Aspherical Elements by Braunecker B., Hentschel R., Tiziani H.

By Braunecker B., Hentschel R., Tiziani H.

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A: classical grinding and polishing; B: newer method; C: hot pressing. 8 Intensity spot size at different distances from the laser source for sinusoidal gratings of 4 mm period and different amplitudes, present at the aspherical surface of the collimator. 100 m. 2 μm. In Fig. 8 we present the calculated spot intensity for cases A, B, and C at the three distances. We see from the simulation of the coherent beam propagation that larger amplitudes of the sinusoidal surface error lead to side lobes around the laser main spot, and more severely to double peaks at lower distances.

The viscosity of thermoplastics is thermally changeable, allowing hot forming processes. Aspherical polymer lenses can be produced very cost-effectively via injectionmolding processes. In specific cases one can use diamond turning, but mainly for fast prototyping. The weak points of polymers are the strong temperature dependence of their optical properties, insufficient long-term stability, sensitivity to radiation impact and humidity, outgassing, and transmission loss in the blue and UV part of the spectrum.

Even if the data of methods A and B can be significantly improved today by better production means, we will use them to illustrate how production errors can cause deterioration of system performance. 3 Coherent beam propagation Do the residual errors influence the collimation quality, and what fabrication process, A, B, or C, would be acceptable for this special application? 7 Residual surface deformations for different manufacturing processes. A: classical grinding and polishing; B: newer method; C: hot pressing.

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