Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 4 by J.W.L. Beament

By J.W.L. Beament

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Physiol. 169, 149-160. Usherwood, P. N. R. (1963b). Response of insect muscle to denervation. 11. Changes in neuromuscular transmission. J. Insect Physiol. 9, 81 1-125. Usherwood, P. N. R. and Grundfest, H. (1964). Inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in grasshopper muscle. Science, N. Y. 143, 817-818 Usherwood, P. N. R. and Grundfest, H. (1965). Peripheral inhibition in skeletal muscle of insects. J. Neurophysiol. 28, 497-518. THE EXCITATION OF INSECT SKELETAL MUSCLES 31 van der Kloot, W. G. (1960).

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The tetanic tension produced by stimulation of the slow axon in Romalea could be reduced by stimulation of the inhibitor axon, the attenuation increasing with increasing frequency of inhibitory stimulation. Complete inhibition of the mechanical response to stirhulation of the “slow” excitor axon at 12 impulses/sec. was obtained by stimulation of the inhibitor at 200/sec. In Schistocerca, such complete inhibition was never obtained, since not all of the muscle fibres supplied with the “slow” excitor axon are also innervated by the inhibitor.

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