Advances in space science and technology. Volume 6 by III FREDERICK I. ORDWAY


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Individual Stages B. Integrated Vehicles C. Limitations of Techniques V. Payload Installation on the Final Stage A. Attachment Methods B. Influence on Vehicle Mechanical Design VI. General Engineering Problems on Stage and Payload Integration . . A. Mechanical Interface Problems B. Electrical Interface Problems C. Propulsion System and Propellant Compatibility D. In-Flight Systems E. Pre-Launch Check-out of Overall Systems F . General Considerations VII. Extraterrestrial Multistage Integration A.

Phys. Rev. 114, 924; (1963), The Physicist's picture of nature. The Scientific American 208, No. 5 45. 15. DeWitt, B. S. (1962). The quantization of geometry. In "Gravitation, an introduction to current research" (L. ). Wiley, New York, 266. 16. Yang, C. , and Mills, R. L. (1954). Conservation of isotopic spin and isotopic gauge invariance. Phys. Rev. 96, 191. 17. Misner, C. , and Wheeler, J. A. (1957). Gravitation, electromagnetism, unquantized charge, and mass as properties of curved empty space.

Another argument, which has already been mentioned, involves the breakdown of the vacuum when quantum processes are taken into account in a theory that permits negative mass and negative energy. The most likely candidates for particles with negative mass would seem to be the so-called antipartides, particularly the positron, the antiproton, and the antineutron. Experiments have been proposed, but not yet carried out, which would attempt to determine whether these particles fall up or fall down.

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