Agriculture and International Relations: Analysis and Policy by Hartwig De Haen, Glenn L. Johnson

By Hartwig De Haen, Glenn L. Johnson

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Tracy and I. Hodac (see below). Georgescu-Roegen, N. (1972), 'Process Analysis and the Neo-Classical Theory of Production', American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 54. 2. Gremion. C. (1970), Profession: Decideurs. Pouvoirs des Hauts Fonctionnaires et Reforme de l'Etat (Paris: Gauthier-Villars). Hathaway. D. E. (1963), Government and Agriculture: Economic Policy in a Democratic Society (New York: McMillan). Heidhues, T. (1979), 'The Gains from Trade: an Applied Political Analysis', in: J.

1977) concerning individual decision makers, 'the choice of a goal is a decision. It depends upon higher order goals and the perception which the agent has of his environment and of his possibilities to modify it'. Goals are revised when their perceptions change because they learn or because their situation has actually changed. Thus formulated thinking, deciding, acting and learning are all parts of the same adaptation process in which objectives are adapted to the agent's situation and yice versa.

It is earmarked by bargaining and processes of actions and counteractions similar to situations described by theories of oligopoly and games. Agricultural policy has been one of the pacemakers in the direction mentioned above and common agricultural policy has added an additional dimension to political economy. Therefore agricultural economists are forced more than other economists to deal with this policy. Which progress has been made in the last decades? I agree with Petit in that more and more agricultural economists feel that more emphasis 46 THE SOCIAL ROLE OF RESEARCHERS should be given to the development of an operational discipline of analytical political economy.

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