American English Compendium by Marv Rubinstein

By Marv Rubinstein

A compendium of yank proverbs, expressions, slang, colloquialisms; British-US word list; abbreviations and acronyms and different quite a few odds and ends. wide-spread via non-native audio system and translators.

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To rap does not mean to knock, but to carry on an informal chat with an exchange of ideas. More recently, it has become a fast-paced type of talking song, often filled with strong comments on our society. ” As noted, most youthspeak terms are evanescent, but some have remained with us as standard American English. In addition to cool and rap given above, it looks as if put-down, hassle, and uptight are here to stay. The terms nerd, geek, bummer, and stoned appear to be holding up as well. There are literally hundreds of ever-changing terms in today’s youthspeak, with a large percentage of them occurring regularly in rap and rock songs.

Where the foreign proverb is in a language which uses or is easily transliterated into Roman letters, the proverb is given in italics in the original language, followed by a literal translation into American English surrounded by { } (braces). As indicated above, abbreviations and symbols are used to assist the reader in understanding the way the text is arranged. The following should be helpful: Ar Arabic Aus Australian Brit British English Ch Chinese En English Fr French Ge German He Hebrew It Italian Ja Japanese Ko Korean La Latin No Norwegian Ru Russian Sp Spanish Yi Yiddish = equal or equivalent (synonymous) • • opposite or contradictory (antonymous) () parentheses, used to show alternate wording and parts of speech < > arrow brackets, used to set off parenthetical comments [ ] brackets, used as parentheses within parentheses { } braces, used to set off foreign language translations Bold bold, used for emphasis, to set off dictionary entries and foreign language abbreviations Italics italics, used to set off English words for distinction and indicate foreign language text and equivalents adj adjective adv adverb equiv equivalent interj interjection LT literal translation n noun phr phrase pron pronoun sent sentence usu usually v verb Chapter One AMERICAN SPOKEN HERE—ENGLISH UNDERSTOOD Dynamic.

The vast majority of compound words are of relatively recent origin language wise. Abbreviating and Downsizing Long before American words were starting to get longer by compounding, others were getting shorter by abbreviating or taking only part of the word for the whole. This has been going on for so long that we no longer realize what we are doing. Prime examples are bus for autobus, phone for telephone, and taxi or cab for taxicab. Rep for reputation, con for convict, and ain’t for “are not” or “am not” are more recent contractions.

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