Amharic textbook by Wolf Leslau

By Wolf Leslau

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Fickle: 변덕스러운, 변하기 쉬운. sway: 흔들다, 동요, 지배하다, 존경, 참배하다. honourable: 고귀한, 명예로운, 좌우하다, 지배, 의 결의를 움직이다, 42 King John ACT III SCENE I. FRANCE. ] CONSTANCE. Gone to be married! gone to swear a peace! False blood to false blood join'd! gone to be friends! Shall Louis have Blanch? and Blanch those provinces? It is not so; thou hast misspoke, misheard; Be well advis'd, tell o'er thy tale again: It cannot be; thou dost but say 'tis so; I trust I may not trust thee; for thy word Is but the vain breath of a common man: Believe me, I do not believe thee, man; I have a king's oath to the contrary.

To verify our title with their lives. KING PHILIP. As many and as well-born bloods as those,-- Korean behalf: 위하여, 이익. 다정하게, 상냥하게, 맹신적으로, brief: 간결한, 요악하다, 훈령, 귀여워하여, 귀여워해서. 단시간의, 대의, 명령을 내리다, 짧은, hide: 숨다, 피혁, 때리다, 짐승의 가죽, 변호를 의뢰하다, 요령, 잠시의, 소송 숨기다, 심하게 매질하다, 짐승 가죽, 사건의 적요를 작성하다. 숨기기, 숨는 장소. crown: 왕관, 화관, 영관, 관을 씌우다, loyal: 충성스러운, 충성의, 충의의, 금관을 씌우다, 꼭대기, 왕관표, 절정, 충실한, 충신, 충성스럽다. 의 최후를 장식하다, 의 머리를 signal: 신호, 신호의, 의 전조가 되다, 때리다, 의 꼭대기에 올려 놓다. 훌륭한, 짝패에게 보내는 암호의 수, fifteen: 십오, 열 다섯. 군호, 신호로 알리다, 뛰어난, 도화선, fondly: 어리석게도, 무르게, 신호를 보내다, 신호기.

40 King John This widow lady? % KING JOHN. --Call the Lady Constance: Some speedy messenger bid her repair To our solemnity:--I trust we shall, If not fill up the measure of her will, Yet in some measure satisfy her so That we shall stop her exclamation. Go we, as well as haste will suffer us, To this unlook'd-for, unprepared pomp. [Exeunt all but the BASTARD. ] BASTARD. Mad world! mad kings! mad composition! John, to stop Arthur's title in the whole, Hath willingly departed with a part; And France,--whose armour conscience buckled on, Whom zeal and charity brought to the field As God's own soldier,--rounded in the ear With that same purpose-changer, that sly devil; That broker, that still breaks the pate of faith; That daily break-vow, he that wins of all, Of kings, of beggars, old men, young men, maids,-Who having no external thing to lose But the word maid, cheats the poor maid of that; That smooth-fac'd gentleman, tickling commodity,-Commodity, the bias of the world; Korean bias: 바이어스, 사선, 경향, 경사, 치우치게하다, 성벽-기울이다, 치우침, 편견을 갖다, 기울이다, 한쪽으로 치우치게하다, 성향.

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